Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jean's case: Waiting on the courts

The money was raised! A very sincere thank you to those of you who contributed to Jean's appeal fund. This is, as far as we know, rhe first time one of these cases has been appealed. Most of them don't even go to trial because the victims don't have the money or the heart to go through it. Jean Cyhanick knows she is innocent and she wants her name cleared. Thanks to the Pet-Law community, she is able to follow through with filing an appeal.

Jean's attorney, Tate Love, has filed the petition for appeal and the Commonwealth has filed a brief in opposition. Now we wait to see if the single judge to whom the matter has been assigned will grant the petition. If he or she grants it, then we're on to the next stage in which Mr. Love files his opening brief. If the appeal is not granted, then we have a right to file a request to be heard orally by a three-judge panel. So we're just waiting for the wheels to turn...