Monday, June 15, 2009

Even bad press is good press?

When a self-proclaimed charity like HSUS responds to charges centered on 'lying to get the money' with more lies, that's just plain bad press. But lies are all they've got. If they were actually doing good for animals every one of us would be a supporter.

This is the first year in which the truth has gotten enough traction that they've had to respond. That's the result of a lot of very hard work from people on our side, both on this list and elsewhere, and something we should all be proud of.

There is much, much more to do, but spreading the truth -- that HSUS raises its money by pretending to protect animals but then uses its money to make animal keeping steadily more difficult, dangerous, and expensive (and thus hurts animals) -- is the main route to winning the
AR wars.

One way to further spread the truth is to respond to their responses.
I hope many of us have left comments on the HSUS statement at:

since it is effectively a lie from one end to the other. You can see the whole HSUS propaganda campaign in that one statement: Use words and statements that are 'sort of true' if you know the details but imply something that is absolutely false, and attack the messenger.

Did you know that their only criticism/opposition comes from:

> people who inhabit the domains of cockfighting, puppy mills, horse
> slaughter, trophy hunting, trapping, fur fashion, animal
> agribusiness, commercial whaling, and other animal exploitation
> industries

Gee, I'd say I'm about as outspoken a critic of HSUS as anyone, and I don't recognize ME in there. More like "animal lover and very small time hobby breeder of pet dogs." I'll bet that not 1% of the people on this list are anywhere in that list.

But in the world of HSUS, "If you're not with us, you are a nasty criminal."

Let's use their response to point out even more clearly who HSUS really is.