Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Resources to End Euthanasia of Good Pets

If a small fraction of the effort and money invested in promoting ineffective and restrictive laws were directed at marketing unowned pets, it would end euthanasia of dogs with the potential to be good pets. Cats are more difficult because there's a genuine oversupply coming from the fact of feral populations.

And savings would come out of the woodwork, everywhere: Is the time devoted to fighting those ineffective and restrictive laws by all of us truly worth nothing? The time given by lawmakers to trying to make the right decisions about them? Do we truly divert society's attention to wild claims of evils surrounding dogs and cats and requiring urgent attention at no cost whatever?

HSUS and their supporters have much to answer for. But 'answering' won't happen: The best we can hope for is that they join the Communist Party of the USA, the American Nazi Party, and the KKK in 'do they still exist?' insignificance.

That, however, will happen. HSUS will rue the day their board of directors elected Wayne Pacelle as president and CEO.