Friday, June 19, 2009

Evil is Still Evil

AR apologists often defend their support of PETA and HSUS by saying, "But some of what they do helps animals!"

Adolf Hitler built the Autobahn and got the VW into production with an innovative financing scheme something like S&H green stamps that let many middle class Germans buy an automobile. He restored German prosperity following a much more serious economic crisis than this country has ever faced -- following the crash of '29 they had hyperinflation and the middle class was financially wiped out. I hear he also loved animals.

Is any of this why he is remembered? How many people in 1945 were sorry to learn that he was dead and that the 'Thousand Year Reich' had lasted only about 12 years?

(The BBC's 'World at War' series is an outstanding video history of WW-II. Filmed for the 50th anniversary of the war, it goes deeply into 'how did this happen,' with interviews with many people who were there -- ordinary Germans and of course military men, as well as experts on the period. HIGHLY recommended for kids old enough to watch documentaries that include combat and death camp liberation scenes. Available on DVD from NetFlix and other usual outlets.)

It is hard to do great evil without doing bits of good here and there. But evil is still evil.